“SER NO SER” (Be not be)

“To be, or not to be: that is the question”

True brightness is in the night. The path of light within this ambivalence is shown, to signify the transition between existence and non-existence. Thus, the flash illuminates equally the animate and the inanimate, the natural and the artificial. The intention is to capture the value of the question and the importance of what it hides. Far from inclining for an answer, the ideology of the series focuses on projecting on the observer the sensation of entering into a foreign dream, which gradually becomes its own.

The project is based on night photography. It captures portraits, still lives and details of objects and figures while it is also centered in the darkness and the lights reflected in a variety of elements. This implies translating the absence, the emptiness, and the lack of answers to the questions about being and not being. In terms of narration and order, the photographs were organized in diptychs, highlighting the coherence towards color and forms. The series begins with a photograph referring to an inert and blinded face, and ends with another that denotes expectant life. The images are not only linked by similarity, but also by antagonism. In effect, this bipolarity takes place at the same time as it states the extremes of the same question.

The light is ambient but artificial, being the main expressive resource of this series. Due to this source of light, the images have a fairly high contrast and hard shadows, with a luminescence reflected through different materials. Precisely, this was necessary to create visible and unobservable spaces within the image, as an allegory to the absence of answers and certainties in the face of doubt.