“Flesh” explores the theme of violence and our desire to observe it. We are often exposed to violence through the many forms of media that are available today. Nowadays I find that we often neglect our own desire to visualize these images by morality, but somehow curiosity always tends to peek. 

Throughout the process of my research I have created a series of photographs of raw meat and explored the different compositions that could separate our ideals from the subject matter. In this way, when the work is visualized we can find pleasure within crude imagery. 

In addition to this, I created a series of collages that intertwine human figures and raw meat to create a sense of “fake” violence that we can visualize with ease. 

Screen printing and the use of digitally developed images were a suitable medium that I used in this project as they provided a certain amount of detail within the images that I created as well as control with colour, texture and composition. By the use of different exposures and layering the images I was able to create abstract, transparent prints that played with the texture of the subject matter.

In particular, the works of Francis Bacon, Arthur Okamura, Franko B, Christine Garvey and Jana’s Sterbak’s “Vanitas Meat Dress” were the main sources of inspiration for this project.